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תיאור קצר Bartr is a start up in the field of the shared economy.
מיקום Tel Aviv
כמות עובדים 1-5
מצב active
מגייסת כן
מנוהלת ע''י Maxime Dahan
אתר החברה
טכנולוגיות NodeJS
משרות פתוחות Looking for a Tech co-founder
A start up, based in Tel Aviv, with an innovative idea in the alternative economy is looking for a MEAN stack back-end developer to join the team. The job requires to work on the first version already built and being tested among a community of users. The ideal candidate is someone that fills in the requirements below as well as a passionate coder and team spirit person that would help bring the idea to the next level.

* NodeJS – Ruby or Python also possible (MUST)
* IT Services – DNS, domain, infrastructure, deployment (MUST)

* Angular – (or Backbone) (Advantage)
* Make code SEO friendly (Advantage)
* Project management (Advantage)

Please send C.V to [email protected]

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